Over the past some years, we have had significant success in holding Islamic book fairs in Masaajid, campuses, school grounds and other venues. The active learning experience that a book fair provides – a wide selection of colorful, inviting books that children can be excited about as they hold and flip through them – is one that nurtures a love and passion for reading in children, and for learning.
Islamic book fair backed by strong, well-written literature for children have a long and successful tradition in any school system. In the past few years, we have put together a strong selection of children’s Islamic literature.
We would like to offer this Islamic book fair at your school, Islamic center and Masjid, that offers a wonderful effort to benefit you, your students and your community. Simple and easy to set up and take down, with a prepared catalogue of books for you to easily choose from, they create a positive experience of wonderment and love for reading that your students and community will benefit from – for all their lives.
For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time at the phone number below. May Allah take your efforts in Islamic education from strength to strength, and help you in all your endeavors.