Quran For Adults

The Quran Academy Canada’s main project is a global Tajweed program that brings a new and unique method of learning Quran with proper Tajweed, designed specifically for youth and adults. This program is for both students with some background in Arabic as well as for students having no background in the Arabic language at all. This course is taught over the period of 6 months and is based on the book Tajweed Made Easy which we developed at the Quran Academy-Canada.

Course Highlights:

  • Specifically designed for youth and adults
  • Students develop correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters
  • Students learn to apply the rules of Tajweed in a short period of time
  • Fix their mistakes and develop fluency in their Quran reading with proper accent.
  • Low teacher to student ratio, ideally one teacher per 10 students.

We are proud to present this program to the world knowing that it works very well as we have seen amazing results with our students.